My name is Hyrum. 

 I’ve been working as a recruiter and helping people find jobs for over a decade.
 It has been my job, to help others find jobs.
 I have successfully assisted companies, both small and large, in finding and hiring employees for open positions.

 On the flip side, with all the connections that I have developed over the years, I have been able to point people in the right direction on which companies are hiring and which to apply for.

 As of the year 2020, I have helped over 2,500 individuals get hired in various jobs in sectors such as:

Customer Service
Work From Home
Travel & Tourism
Outside Sales
Data Entry
Executive Level

The # 1 Most Commonly Asked Question I have Received, over the years is:

I literally have received that same question, about as much times as my wife has asked me to fix the broken shower handle….which is 100’s of times.

When you start searching for a work from home job, the realization is that:

So I decided to develop a way to bring legitimate….real payingreal work from home jobs to the masses.

I wanted to make sure that the jobs that I found:

Actually Paid a Salary or Hourly Wage

Offered Benefits (such as health insurance)

Did not Charge Me Money To Work For Them

And More Importantly….were Real Jobs & Not Scams.